Introduction To FX Online-8 FXSVG WIN 20.4.25 {bc83e5a6-2089-46f5-8e4b-2845373289fb} FXID{bc83e5a6-2089-46f5-8e4b-2845373289fb}/FXID FXPRODUCTFX Online BETA/FXPRODUCT Solutions You also have the option of creating a solution button. This will display your entered solution, line by line. 13cm 11cm A B C Extend AC to make right B C D . In B C D , CD has length of 11 cm (right isosceles triangle). AD = 24 cm In A B D tan x = opp adj tan x = 11 24 x = 24.62 ° Solutions can be combined with hints and/or answers if you wish. 135° 45° D x