Introduction To FX Online-16 FXSVG WIN 20.4.25 {26767d69-b584-412f-b4e0-d82dc5480607} FXID{26767d69-b584-412f-b4e0-d82dc5480607}/FXID FXPRODUCTFX Online BETA/FXPRODUCT Page Allowance Maintaining the web infrastructure for FX Online is a significant cost but your normal FX Draw Tools subscription will cover most of extra cost of the system. Each subscription type will be allocated a generous page allowance that will cover typical usage over a year. Some users will generate FX Online traffic that exceeds these allowances (for example publishers), so there will be the ability to purchase additional page views for those customers. Efofex will be closely watching the number of page views over the first year in order to determine appropriate page allowances for each subscription type.