Introduction To FX Online-15 FXSVG WIN 20.4.25 {200301f1-6aa3-4263-9d2b-78d6de790635} FXID{200301f1-6aa3-4263-9d2b-78d6de790635}/FXID FXPRODUCTFX Online BETA/FXPRODUCT Controlling Who Can View Your Lessons Every lesson has a unique web address that you can use to link to it, but you can also control who can view the lesson. Each Efofex subscription has its own Online Access Code. You can use this code to limit the audience of your lesson. This option limits viewing to just people logged in to your subscription. This option would be used by schools to limit materials to their own students. The second option allows users logged in to your account as well as any users logged into accounts that you have specifically authorised. This option would most likely be used by publishers who wish to limit access to paying customers. The third option allows any active Efofex subscriber to view your lesson. This allows for sharing amongst the Efofex community. The final option allows anyone (providing they have the unique page link) to view the lesson. Any pages viewed using this option count double towards your page allowance. 1 2 3 4