Introduction To FX Online-1 FXSVG WIN 20.4.25 {4ef4deba-fc78-4cac-9f1d-8b45f61c0ea5} FXID{4ef4deba-fc78-4cac-9f1d-8b45f61c0ea5}/FXID FXPRODUCTFX Online BETA/FXPRODUCT Welcome to FX Online! FX Online is Efofex's new mathematical web publishing system. Create web pages that can access FX Draw's full suite of mathematical drawing tools and publish them at the push of a button! 60 ° 120 ° 180 ° 240 ° 300 ° 360 ° x –1 –0.5 0.5 1 y This presentation has been created in FX Online and is being hosted in the FX Online environment. Access to the FX Online system will be automatically included in your FX Draw Tools subscription when FX Online is released.