Year 10 Test-10 FXSVG WIN 20.3.7 {90ea7ec9-fe2e-4f7a-84c0-3c33ae5a68b0} FXID{90ea7ec9-fe2e-4f7a-84c0-3c33ae5a68b0}/FXID FXPRODUCTFX Online/FXPRODUCT Question 5a - 6 Marks 11m 22 ° 4m The longer of two supporting wires for a radio mast is inclined at 22° to the horizontal and is 4m from the shorter wire. The shorter wire is 11m long. i) Find the angle between the wires at the top of the mast. ii) Determine the length of the longer wire. iii) Find the height of the tower.