Introduction To Trigonometry-1 FXSVG WIN 20.3.30 {0b00feeb-ef41-4a51-b56b-40d7a49daa47} FXID{0b00feeb-ef41-4a51-b56b-40d7a49daa47}/FXID FXPRODUCTFX Online BETA/FXPRODUCT What is Trigonometry? Trigonometry is all about understanding triangles. In its simplest forms, it allows you to calculate lengths and angles in triangles. This is FAR more important than your might first think and trigonometry is one of the most obviously useful branches of mathematics. "Real-life" is full of examples and jobs that are made much easier using trigonometric ideas and this has been true for thousands of years. For example: How do you think that the ancient Egyptians created accurate right-angled corners for the pyramids? How would you create an accurate right angle on a large scale? ??